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LAH Recipe Kit - American Wheat (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Kolsch (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Irish Red (Extract)
O.G. 1.052
ABV: 4.8 % - 5.5%

An easy drinking refreshing wheat ale with just a touch of citrus hop character to compliment the wheat flavors.
O.G. 1.049
ABV: 4.4% - 5.2%

A clean, crisp, delicate beer with soft Pilsener malt flavors and light hop character.
O.G. 1.053
ABV: 5% - 6%

A malt focused ale with an initial sweetness combined with a roasted dryness in the finish.
LAH Recipe Kit - American Amber (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - American Pale Ale (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - German Hefeweizen Wheat Ale (Extract)
O.G. 1.054
ABV: 5.2% - 5.7%

Similar to an American Pale Ale but with more body, more caramel richness, and a balance more towards malt than hops.
O.G. 1.054
ABV: 5.2% - 6.2%

A clean, fresh, hoppy beer with enough malt backbone to carry moderate citrus hop character and bitterness.
O.G. 1.050
ABV: 4.3% - 5.5%

A very light, spicy, fruity and refreshing wheat based ale.
LAH Recipe Kit - Nutcastle Brown Ale (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Cream Ale (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Rye Pale Ale (Extract)
O.G. 1.049
ABV: 4.2% - 5.4%
An easy drinking English style brown ale with nutty, biscuity flavors and restrained hop bitterness.
O.G. 1.049
ABV: 4.2% - 5.5%

A clean, crisp, refreshing ale, similar to an American lager, with low malt and hop flavor but brewed as an ale.
O.G. 1.050
ABV: 4.5% - 5.8%

A spicy, clean pale ale with loads of rye and citrus hop flavors.
LAH Recipe Kit - Belgian Pale Ale (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Robust Porter (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Milk Stout (Extract)
O.G. 1.052
ABV: 4.8% - 5.5%

A moderately malty, fruity, somewhat spicy, easy-drinking, copper-colored ale.
O.G. 1.064
ABV: 4.8% - 6.5%

A substantial, malty dark ale with a complex, flavorful roasty character.
O.G. 1.055
ABV: 4.5% - 5.2%

A dark creamy rich ale full of roasted flavors and aromas.
(* add 8oz of unsweetened cocoa powder to transform this beer to a chocolate milk stout *)
LAH Recipe Kit - Extra Special Bitter (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Blonde Ale (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - American Brown Ale (Extract)

O.G. 1.053

ABV: 5% - 6.5%

A moderately strong copper colored English beer with a slightly bitter finish.
O.G. 1.042
ABV: 3.8% - 5.5%

A refreshing, smooth American summer ale with clean malt flavors.

O.G. 1.055

ABV: 4.3% - 6.2%
A malty smooth brown ale with layers of chocolate and roast flavors.

LAH Recipe Kit - West Coast Pale Ale (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - Saison (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale (Extract kit)

O.G. 1.053

ABV: 5% - 6.5%

A hoppy pale ale with loads of citrus hop flavors and just a touch of bitterness to keep the malt flavors in balance.
O.G. 1.056
ABV: 5.7% - 6.5%

A traditional Belgian/French ale of moderate alcohol strength with lots of fruity and spicy flavors coupled with an extremely dry finish.

O.G. 1.080

ABV: 8% - 9.5%

An intensely malty strong ale infused with pumpkin puree and steeped with both vanilla beans and pumpkin spices. Some call this liquid Pumpkin Pie. We call it delicious. Enjoy!

LAH Recipe Kit - Dunkelweizen (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - Oatmeal Stout (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - Russian Imperial Stout (Extract)

O.G. 1.051

ABV: 4.3% - 5.6%
A moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty wheat-based ale.

O.G. 1.054
ABV: 4.2% - 5.9%

A dark, full-bodied, roasty ale with slight oatmeal note in the background.
O.G. 1.090
ABV: 8.5-9.0%

A delicious, balanced Russian Imperial Stout with a deep malty, roasted character and hints of chocolate mixed with a big aromatic hop profile. This is a great beer for barrel aging.
LAH Recipe Kit - Scottish Wee Heavy (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Belgian Tripel (Extract) LAH Recipe Kit - Black IPA (Extract kit)
O.G. 1.095
ABV: 9.0-9.5%

Bold and malty, this is not a beer for the meek. Balanced with English hops true to the style this is a great beer a great beer to drink or to age in barrels.
Bright gold with a complex, peppery spicy aroma, and a slighly sweet finish, complex alcoholic aromas and flavors round out this great style.

O.G. 1.076 ABV: 7.5% - 8.2% Assertively hoppy IPA with a subtle hint of roast. We balanced the dark malts with the hops for pitch black pour of awesomeness.

Bayou Teche Biere Noire LAH Recipe Kit - Session IPA (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - Belgian Wit (Extract kit)
Collaboration with Bayou Teche, this is the original Biere Noire!

O.G. 1.036

ABV: 3.4% - 3.7%
Light, hoppy, low-ABV beer perfect for gameday.

O.G. 1.036

ABV: 3.4% - 3.7%
Light, hoppy, low-ABV beer perfect for gameday.
LAH Recipe Kit - Dry Stout (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - Belgian Dubbel (Extract kit) LAH Recipe Kit - English Barleywine (Extract kit)

O.G. 1.041

ABV: 3.8% - 4.2%
Light, hoppy, low-ABV beer perfect for gameday.

O.G. 1.072

ABV: 6.8% - 7.2%
A deep reddish-copper malty complex Trappist ale with rich dark and dried fruit flavors.

O.G. 1.095

ABV: 9% - 9.5%
A deep reddish-copper malty complex Trappist ale with rich dark and dried fruit flavors.