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Briess Victory Malt (per lb) Bairds Chocolate Malt (per lb) Briess Special Roast Malt (per lb) Briess Extra Special Roast Malt (per lb) Bairds Roasted Barley Malt (per lb)
Use in small amounts to add complexity to both ales and lagers. Also known as biscuit malt.
Produces wort with toasty, biscuity, baking bread, nutty flavors. 28ºL
Roasty coffee and chocolate flavors.
Deep brown to black color based on usage. 450ºL - 500ºL
Adds deep golden to brown hues.
Produces wort with toasty, biscuity, sour dough, and tangy flavors. 50ºL
Adds complex flavors often associated with darker, high gravity beers.
Also provides richer, more complex flavors in lighter colored beers. 130ºL
Deep black color with ruby highlights.
Distinctive dry roasty astringent flavor. 500ºL - 600ºL
Thomas Fawcett Pale Chocolate Malt (per lb) Briess Chocolate Malt (per lb) Briess Roasted Barley Malt (per lb) Franco-Belges Kiln Amber Malt (per lb) Bairds Black Malt (Black Patent) (per lb)
Lighter form of English chocolate malt. Softer roast and coffee flavors.
Strong brown color contribution. 185ºL-250ºL
Use in all beer styles for color adjustment.
Rich roasted coffee, cocoa flavors. 350ºL
Contributes color and rich, sharp flavors for stouts and porters.
Use 3-7% in porters and stouts to add a coffee flavor. 300ºL
Soft roasted malt with light biscuit flavor.
Deep reddish color contribution. 15ºL - 23ºL
Black color and strong sharp flavors with high usage.
Smooth roasty flavors in lower quantities. 450ºL - 500ºL
Thomas Fawcett Amber Malt (per lb) Thomas Fawcett Brown Malt (per lb) Briess Black Malt (Black Patent) (per lb) Briess Black Barley Malt (per lb) Thomas Fawcett Roasted Wheat Malt (per lb)
English toasted pale malt.
Typically used in Brown Porters. 30ºL - 42ºL
Authentic English brown malt. Deep roast and bitter flavors.
Brown to dark brown colors. 52ºL - 65ºL
Adds a dry roasted flavor, sharp to neutral based on amount.
Use in small quantities for color adjustment with no flavor contribution. 500ºL
Provides color and rich, sharp flavors.
Contributes a deep brown color and dry, coffee flavors. 500ºL
Dark roasted wheat malt.
Intensifies aroma and color of dark beers. 360ºL-400ºL
Briess Midnight Wheat Malt (per lb) Briess Blackprinz Malt (per lb)
Use as a replacement for debittered black malt.
Provides the smoothest source of black color of any malt available. 550ºL
Use as a replacement for debittered black malt.
Adds dark color with subtle, smooth, mildly roasted flavors. 500ºL