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Root Beer Extract (2 fl oz) Coriander Seeds (1oz) Dried Wormwood (1oz) Ginger Root (1oz) Juniper Berries (1oz)
Coriander Seeds (1oz)
Our Price: $1.50
Dried Wormwood (1oz)
Our Price: $2.50
Ginger Root (1oz)
Our Price: $2.50
Juniper Berries (1oz)
Our Price: $2.50
Concentrated Root Beer Soda flavoring mixes with water, sugar, and yeast to make a naturally carbonated, caffeine & alcohol free soda pop. Slightly spicy, citrus character. Principle ingredient of Absinthe. Used for holiday ales and ginger beers. Principle flavoring of gin.
Bitter Orange Peel (1oz) Cardamom Seeds (1oz) Dried Lemon peel (1oz) Dried Elderflowers (2 oz) Star Anise (1oz)
Cardamom Seeds (1oz)
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Dried Lemon peel (1oz)
Our Price: $1.99
Star Anise (1oz)
Our Price: $2.75
Key ingredient for Belgian white beers. Spice from the same family as ginger. Adds lemon/citrus flavors and aromas. Used to enhance elderberry wine. Flavor similar to licorice.
Rose Hips (3 oz) Sweet Orange peel (1oz) Dried Mugwort (1oz) Indian Sarsaparilla (2 oz) Lime peel (1oz)
Rose Hips (3 oz)
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Sweet Orange peel (1oz)
Our Price: $2.25
Dried Mugwort (1oz)
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Lime peel (1oz)
Our Price: $2.99
Versatile herb for specialty beers. Sweet citrus flavors and aromas. Traditionally used in beer before the use of hops. Made from a root beer-type base. Gives intense citrus taste and aroma.
Tangerine peel (1oz) Grapefruit peel (1oz) Chicory root (1oz) Heather tips (2 oz) Licorice root (1oz)
Tangerine peel (1oz)
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Grapefruit peel (1oz)
Our Price: $1.99
Chicory root (1oz)
Our Price: $1.99
Heather tips (2 oz)
Our Price: $3.99
Licorice root (1oz)
Our Price: $3.99
Adds sweet and tangy citrus flavors. Adds sweet and tangy citrus flavors and makes your summertime beer even more refreshing. Compliments coffee and roasted malts. Adds pleasing aroma and smooth bitterness to beer. Sweet flavor different from anise.
Madagascar Vanilla Beans (2 pack)
Imported Madagascar vanilla beans.