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Briess Golden Light Dried Malt Extract (per lb) 2000ml Erlenmeyer Flask White Labs Servomyces Yeast Nutrient Wyeast yeast nutrient (1.5 oz) Stir bar (2 inch/50 mm)
2000ml Erlenmeyer Flask
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Stir bar (2 inch/50 mm)
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Briess Golden Light DME.
2ºL 1.044 SG Potential.
2000ml Erlenmeyer flask. Servomyces is a nutritional yeast supplement (GMO free) that was originally developed for German brewers by Weihenstephan and Munich University. Easy to use supplemental nutrients for yeast propagation and brewing.
Dissolve 1/2 tsp per 5 Gallons of wort in warm water.
2 inch (50 mm) ribbed stir bar.
5000ml Erlenmeyer Flask Stir bar (1 inch) Magnetic stir plate Propper Starter Wort (1 can)
5000ml Erlenmeyer Flask
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Stir bar (1 inch)
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Magnetic stir plate
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5000ml Erlenmeyer flask. 1 inch replacement magnetic stir bar without a ribbed center. Magnetic stir plate with pH probe arm and 1 inch stirbar.
Speed dial control 110V.
Propper Starter™ is condensed wort in a can, allowing you to make a yeast starter in minutes! No need to make a mess in the kitchen measuring out DME, and no need to waste time boiling and cooling before you pitch your yeast. Simply open a can of Propper Starter™, pour it into your flask along with 16 oz of bottled or distilled water, then add your yeast. It's that simple!