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Dextrose - Priming Sugar (per lb) Maltodextrin (8 oz) D180 Belgian Candi Syrup D90 Belgian Candi Syrup D45 Belgian Candi Syrup
Maltodextrin (8 oz)
Our Price: $1.99
D90 Belgian Candi Syrup
Our Price: $6.50
D45 Belgian Candi Syrup
Our Price: $6.50
Corn sugar.
Priming sugar.
Increases body and mouthfeel to beer.
Less than 5% fermentable.
Darkest and richest Belgian candi sugar.
SRM 180, PPG - 1.032
Versatile dark Belgian candi sugar.
SRM 90, PPG 1.032
Dark amber translucent Belgian candi syrup.
SRM 45, PPG 1.032.
Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup (0ºL) Golden Belgian Candi Syrup (5ºL) Dark brown soft Belgian candi sugar (36ºL) White soft Belgian candi sugar (0ºL) Light brown soft Belgian candi sugar (22ºL)
Unique transparent Belgian candi sugar.
SRM - 1, PPG - 1.032
Rich translucent 24 karat gold Belgian candi sugar.
SRM 5.
Soft, highly fermentable Belgian candi sugar.
SRM 36, PPG 1.042
White Belgian candi sugar.
SRM 0, PPG 1.042
Soft, light brown Belgian candi sugar.
SRM 22, PPG 1.042
Lactose (per lb) Priming sugar (5 oz) Orange Blossom Honey (3 lbs) Brewer's Best Carbonation Drops (62 count approx) D240 Belgian Candi Syrup
Lactose (per lb)
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Priming sugar (5 oz)
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Lactose is milk sugar a non-fermentable sugar used to make milk stouts or add body and sweetness to any beer style. 5oz of corn (priming) sugar used to adequately carbonate an entire 5 gallon batch of beer. Orange blossom honey has a clean and fruity taste that is reminiscent of citrus. Carbonation drops used to carbonate beer. 1 drop for a 12oz bottle. 2 drops for 22oz bottles. triple-dark syrup with hints of dark raisin, extra dark stone fruit & a roasted dark caramel back-palate.
SRM 240, PPG - 1.032