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C100014   LAH Recipe Kit - Blonde Ale (Extract)
C100019   LAH Recipe Kit - Citra IPA (Extract kit)
c100008   LAH Recipe Kit - Cream Ale (Extract)
C100036   LAH Recipe Kit - Dry Stout (Extract kit)
C100024   LAH Recipe Kit - Dunkelweizen (Extract kit)
C100013   LAH Recipe Kit - Extra Special Bitter (Extract)
C100005   LAH Recipe Kit - German Hefeweizen Wheat Ale (Extract)
C100023   LAH Recipe Kit - Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale (Extract kit)
C100002   LAH Recipe Kit - Irish Red (Extract)
C100001   LAH Recipe Kit - Kolsch (Extract)
C100012   LAH Recipe Kit - Milk Stout (Extract)
C100006   LAH Recipe Kit - Nutcastle Brown Ale (Extract)
C100025   LAH Recipe Kit - Oatmeal Stout (Extract kit)
C1000029   LAH Recipe Kit - Orange Blossom Honey-Hefe (Extract)
C100011   LAH Recipe Kit - Robust Porter (Extract)
C100029   LAH Recipe Kit - Russian Imperial Stout (Extract)
C100009   LAH Recipe Kit - Rye Pale Ale (Extract)
C100022   LAH Recipe Kit - Saison (Extract kit)
C100030   LAH Recipe Kit - Scottish Wee Heavy (Extract)
C100034   LAH Recipe Kit - Session IPA (Extract kit)
C100007   LAH Recipe Kit - Southern English Brown Ale (Extract)
C100017   LAH Recipe Kit - Summer Citrus IPA (Extract kit)
C100018   LAH Recipe Kit - West Coast Pale Ale (Extract kit)
A200144   Lalvin 71B-1122 White wine dry yeast (5g)
A200149.1   Lalvin BM 4x4 wine dry yeast (5g)
A200145   Lalvin Bourgovin RC 212 wine dry yeast (5g)
A200148   Lalvin D47 wine dry yeast (5g)
A200147   Lalvin EC 1118 wine dry yeast (5g)
A200149   Lalvin K1-V1116 wine dry yeast (5g)
A200146   Lalvin QA23 wine dry yeast (5g)
A309071   Lemondrop hop pellets (1 oz)
A300025   Liberty hop pellets (1 oz)
B100227   Licorice root (1oz)
B100196   Light brown soft Belgian candi sugar (22ºL)
B100221   Lime peel (1oz)
B101012   Liquor Quik GAC Activated Carbon (500g)
A400009   Madagascar Vanilla Beans (2 pack)
B100671   Magnetic stir plate
A300108   Magnum (GR) hop pellets (1 oz)
E500005   Make Your Own IPA Refill Kit - 1.5 Gallon
A900006   Malic Acid (2 oz)
B100187   Maltodextrin (8 oz)
A300114   Mandarina Bavaria (GR) hop pellets (1 oz)
F109051   Mangrove Jack Apple Cider Kit
F109052   Mangrove Jack Mixed Berry Apple Cider Kit
F109050   Mangrove Jack Pear Cider Kit
A200132   Mangrove Jack's M02 Cider Dry Yeast
A204003   Mangrove Jack's M15 Empire Ale Dry Yeast
A204001   Mangrove Jack's M20 Bavarian Wheat Dry Yeast
A204007   Mangrove Jack's M21 Belgian Wit Ale Dry Yeast
A204009   Mangrove Jack's M29 French Saison Ale Dry Yeast
A204008   Mangrove Jack's M31 Belgian Tripel Ale Dry Yeast
A204005   Mangrove Jack's M36 Liberty Bell Ale Dry Yeast
A204004   Mangrove Jack's M41 Belgian Ale Dry Yeast
A204006   Mangrove Jack's M42 New World Strong Ale Dry Yeast
A204000   Mangrove Jack's M44 US West Coast Dry Yeast
A204010   Mangrove Jack's M47 Belgian Abbey Ale Dry Yeast
A204002   Mangrove Jack's M84 Bohemian Lager Dry Yeast
B100304   Medium drilled bung for Better Bottles
B100040   Medium funnel screen (#20)
B100309   Medium soild bung for Better Bottles
B100111   Mini 3/8" Auto siphon
B100112   Mini keg brush
A300027   Mosaic hop pellets (1 oz)
A300100   Motueka (NZ) Hop Pellets (1 oz)
A300028   Mt Hood hop pellets (1 oz)
A400004   Munich Liquid Malt Extract (per lb)
A400004.1   Munich Liquid Malt Extract (per oz)
A200133   Munton's Ale Dry Yeast (6gm)
A200134   Munton's Premium Gold Dry Yeast (6gm)
A100129   Muntons Mild Ale Malt (per lb)
A100129.1   Muntons Mild Ale Malt (per oz)
B100065   Muslin hop bag 5" x 15"
B100069   Muslin hop bag 5" x 28"
B100414   My Weigh MX-500 Scale
A300066   Nelson Sauvin (NZ) hop pellets (1 oz)
B100119   Neutrocork #10 44x25.5mm 1.73"x1" (30 Count) Beer corks
B100795   Neutrocork #8 by 1 1/2" (30 Count) Agglomerated Corks
B100795.1   Neutrocork #8 by 1 3/4" (30 Count) Agglomerated Corks
B100473   Neutrocork #9 by 1 3/4" (30 Count) Agglomerated Corks
B100380   Nitrogen primary regulator
B101481.1   Normacork #9 by 1 1/2" (100 Count) Artificial Select
B101481   Normacork #9 by 1 1/2" (30 Count) Artificial Select
A300029   Northern Brewer hop pellets (1 oz)
A300030   Nugget hop pellets (1 oz)
B101043   Nylon Baster (18" L)
B100061   Nylon hop bag 1' x 3'
B100060   Nylon hop bag 8" x 9.25"
B100356   Nylon hop bag 9" x 12"
B100790   Oak Infusion Spirals - American heavy toast (2 pack)
B100787   Oak Infusion Spirals - American light toast (2 pack)
B100789   Oak Infusion Spirals - American medium plus toast (2 pack)
B100788   Oak Infusion Spirals - American medium toast (2 pack)
B100526   Orange Blossom Honey (3 lbs)
B100108   Orange Universal Carboy Cap
F206002   Orchard Breezin' Blackberry Blast 5.5L
F206003   Orchard Breezin' Blueberry Bliss 5.5L
B101018   Oxygen Regulator for disposable tanks (barb outlet)
A300101   Pacifica (NZ) hop pellets (1 oz)
A300031   Palisade hop pellets (1 oz)
B101500   Peanut Butter Natural Extract (4 oz)
B100498   Pectic Enzyme (1oz)
A300032   Perle hop pellets (1 oz)
B100277   pH 4 buffer solution (2 oz)
B100279   pH 7 buffer solution (2 oz)
B100276   pH papers 2.8 - 4.4 wine range (100 per vial)
B100275   pH papers 4.6-6.2 beer range (100 per vial)
B100278   pH storage solution (2 oz)
B100248   Picnic tap dispensing faucet
A400002   Pilsen Light Liquid Malt Extract (per lb)
A400002.1   Pilsen Light Liquid Malt Extract (per oz)
B101047   Pin Lock Black Liquid Disconnect Short with 1/4" barb
B101048   Pin Lock Black Liquid Disconnect Short with 1/4" MFL
B101489   Pin Lock Black Liquid Disconnect Tall with 1/4" barb
B100320   Pin Lock Black Liquid Disconnect Tall with 1/4" MFL
B101049   Pin Lock Grey Gas Disconnect Short with 1/4" barb
B10489   Pin Lock Grey Gas Disconnect Tall with 1/4" barb
B10490   Pin Lock Grey Gas Disconnect Tall with 1/4" MFL
B100102   Plain Gold bottle caps (1 gross)
B100346   Plain gold bottle caps (60 count)
B100238   Plastic hydrometer test jar 10"
B100237   Plastic hydrometer test jar 14"
B100166   Plastic wine thief
E500001   Porter Refill Kit - 1.5 Gallon
R100001   Portugese Floor Corker Rental (per day)
B100546   Potassium Bicarbonate (2oz)
B100184   Potassium Campden Tablets (100 per pack)
B100402   Potassium Metabisulfite (2 oz)
B100384   Potassium Sorbate (1 oz)
A400010   Priming sugar (5 oz)
B100335   Proof & Tralle Alcoholmeter
B100352   Proscale Johnny Five scale
B100127   Quick connect hose for double blast bottle washer
B100114   Racking cane spring clip
A100172   Rahr (U.S.) Premium Pilsen (per lb)
A100172.1   Rahr (U.S.) Premium Pilsen (per oz)
A100119   Rahr Pale Ale Malt (per lb)
A100119.1   Rahr Pale Ale Malt (per oz)
A100121   Rahr Red Wheat Malt (per lb)
A100121.1   Rahr Red Wheat Malt (per oz)
A100120   Rahr Standard 2Row Malt (per lb)
A100120.1   Rahr Standard 2Row Malt (per oz)
A100122   Rahr White Wheat Malt (per lb)
A100122.1   Rahr White Wheat Malt (per oz)
B100403   Ranco dual stage controller (unwired)
B100349   Ranco single stage controller
F900001   Red Grape Concentrate 1 Liter
B100311   Red Oak Honeycomb wood alternative
A205000   Red Star Champagne (Premier Blanc) dry yeast (5g)
A205004   Red Star Cote de Blanc wine dry yeast (5g)
A205002   Red Star Premier Classique (Montrachet) dry yeast (5g)
A205001   Red Star Premier Cuvee dry yeast (5g)
A205003   Red Star Premier Rouge (Pasteur Red) dry yeast (5g)
B100005   Refractometer (Brix & SG)
B100042   Replacement funnel screen for 12" funnel
B100293   Replacement gasket for bottling spigots
B100126   Replacement spray nozzle for double blast bottle washer
B100113   Replacement stainless steel tip
B100007   Replacement temp/pH probe for model pH55
B100039   Replacement tip for 3/8" OD siphon stem
A100093   Rice Hulls (per lb)
B100228   Rice syrup solids (1 lb)
F202703   RJS Cellar Classic Winery Series Italian Valpola 18L
F202702   RJS En Premier Winery Series Italian Super Tuscan 18L
F202710   RJS En Primeur Chilean Malbec 18L
F201203   RJS Grand Cru Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit 10L
F201205   RJS Grand Cru Chardonnay Kit 10L
F201204   RJS Grand Cru Pinot Noir Wine Kit 10L
B101055   Root Beer Extract (2 fl oz)
B100217   Rose Hips (3 oz)
B100274   Rubber coat for Double Gauge regulator (each)
A200201   Rum turbo yeast (with AG)
A300010   Saaz (Czech) hop pellets (1 oz)
A300078   Saaz (Czech) whole leaf hops (1 oz)
B100670   Sanitary filter
A300116   Saphir (GER) hop pellets (1 oz)
B101006   Shank complete assembly 4 1/8" length w/ 1/4" barb
B101008   Shutoff valve 1/4 NPT by 1/4 Flare check valve
B100395   Shutoff valve 1/4" with check valve
B100394   Shutoff valve 5/16" with check valve
B100361   Silicone high temperature 1/2" ID hose (per ft)
B101054   Silicone high temperature 3/8" ID hose (per ft)
B100101   Silver Oxygen Absorbing bottle caps (1 gross)
A300051   Simcoe hop pellets (1 oz)
A300074   Simcoe whole leaf hops (1 oz)
B100192   Simplicity Belgian Candi Syrup (0ºL)
A100174   Simpsons Golden Naked Oats UK (per lb)
A100174.1   Simpsons Golden Naked Oats UK (per oz)
B100487   Siphon hose shut-off (large)
B100486   Siphon hose shut-off (small)
B100397   Siphon spray wort aerator
B100115   Siphon stem holder
B100330   Soft Maple Honeycomb wood alternative
B100164   Solid lid for 2 gallon bucket
B100149   Solid lid for 6.5 gallon bucket
A300033   Sorachi Ace hop pellets (1 oz)
A300077   Sorachi Ace whole leaf hops (1 oz)
A300106   Spalt (GR) Hop Pellets (1 oz)
B100524   Sparkolloid
B100383   Speedy Bentonite (2 oz)

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